Spotlight on Emmanuel Obinna Okoronkwo Esq, B.MLS,LL.B,B.L, Associate Templars.

Spotlight on Emmanuel Obinna Okoronkwo Esq, B.MLS,LL.B,B.L, Associate Templars.

Mr. Okoronkwo Emmanuel Obinna is an Associate at Templars. He is also a Licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist.
Obinna hails from Amenu Okposi, Ohaozara L.G.A, Ebonyi state. He was born in Afikpo, to Mr. and Mrs Samuel Okoronkwo. He completed his primary school education at National Model Primary School, Ebonyi, where he was the head boy, and star pupil. He proceeded for his secondary school education at Marist comprehensive Academy, Uturu, Abia State, where he served as a social prefect at the school, and remained top 5% of his class throughout his academic year.


Emmanuel Obinna Okoronkwo Esq, B.MLS,LL.B,B.L, Associate Templars.

Torn between choosing the field of Medical Sciences or Law, Obinna finally enrolled for the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) registering science subjects, with prospects to pursue a medical career. He would go on to state that this decision was made as a pro-active step, as he wanted to always have the option to study law should he want to, into future. He added that starting his undergraduate journey with law, may limit his chances at seeking a medical career afterwards, (should he want to ) as the registers in the field of science, were of a more technical nature, and an early understanding of some terms, was vital.
Subsequently, he gained admission to Ebonyi state university, for a degree in Medical Laboratory Science, and upon graduation, enrolled for a degree in law at the same school, citing that his interest in Medical Science and Law, was not a matter of preference, but confluence, so why have one, when he could have both. He would go on to graduate with a First-class degree in law in 2019.


Obinna was admitted to practice law in Nigeria in July, 2021. Prior to this, he obtained his practicing licence from Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria, in August 2016. He presently practices law, as an Associate with Templars; a full-service Tier 1 Law firm in Nigeria.


Obinna is a philanthropist who derives pleasure in assisting and helping colleagues and friends with his widows might. He enjoys Tennis, Track and Field, Swimming, Archery and Football as his favourite sport to watch, and the Olympics, his favourite sporting event. For pastime, he enjoys swimming, reading, dancing, travelling, and engaging in repartees. He holds family dear, as his closest friends are his siblings. He has often cited Desmond Ogba, as his mentor.

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