Modelling & Pageantry

The Modeling/Pageantry Team aims at organizing outstanding Beauty Pageants/Beauty Contests annually. Winners are crowned and given sashes in recognition of their prestigious titles as Beauty Queens/Kings, wherein they go home with mind-blowing cash prizes and awards with recognitions as public figures. We do not just end at that, winners also win contracts across the modelling world which would boost their career parts and influential personality.

We aim at building self confidence of participants, inculcating modeling experience on young people who walk the cat walk, strengthening their spirit of public speaking, interview skills and professional connections.

We are the home of beauty and fashion, we make you look beautiful with the comfort of the Beauty & Makeup Team, we make you smell confident and courageous with a sprinkle of royalty through expert trainings by professional hands. We shape you to what the society can call a Role Model.

We are the modelling/pageantry team of the Catch Up Media & Publicity Ltd.

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