Data Privacy, Auditing & Compliance

Catch UP  Media & Publicity Ltd, data privacy department  aims to solve business problems with data, basically with historical Data. We scrap data from the business website or the business data warehouse to perform an exploratory data analysis /visualization to detect if there is a problem in the company or to answer a lot of question bothering the decision makers of the organization especially the question with why ,how and when and to guide and aid them in decision making ,after performing EDA/Visualization ,then you can predict ,forecast and probably build a model for the company and present it in a powerpoint so that a lay man can understand  better .

The following skills are used in Catch UP Media Data privacy department

  • Problem solving
  • Aiding decision Making
  • Predicting sales revenue such as customer behavior towards a particular product, predict if a customer will get a products or not, predict the best location for a product
  • Forecast for the business, that is to be able to say what will happen to the business in 5 years time.
  • Business financial plans
  • Financial modelling
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Out listing meaningful insight from historical data

The following skills are put in place and used judiciously with the aid of the following tools:






6.Apache superset


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