Cyber Security, Auditing & Compliance

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be over-emphasized. News of cyber crimes and cyber-attacks on organizations makes it mandatory for any organization to be cyber-aware as the consequences can be very devastating on an organization. Now, businesses are exposed to cyber-attacks ranging from ransomware, phishing attacks, and other kinds of attacks. 

Catch UP Media & Publicity is here to ensure that you don’t have to worry about cyber-attacks. We make use of global best practices and industry standard knowledge to ensure that your solutions, websites are not vulnerable to attacks.

We at Catch up Media and Publicity Ltd. in providing services aimed at saving your business from several risks provide the following services :
1. Information security risk management
2. Cybersecurity Advisory
3. Cybersecurity and Data protection compliance auditing
4. Incident response and breach management
5. Research and policy drafting on privacy and cybersecurity
6. Assessment of cybersecurity and privacy policies

We also undertake penetration tests on company cyber-systems to detect loopholes and vulnerabilities so as to advice accordingly on how to strengthen security of such systems.

We also engage in the removal of malware and malicious code from hacked websites.

Other Services