Nigeria’s largest law firm Aluko & Oyebode joins ALN to Strenghten her Pan-African legal services

Nigeria’s largest law firm Aluko & Oyebode joins ALN to Strenghten her Pan-African legal services

Aluko & Oyebode happens to be one of the top tier law firms in Nigeria who provides legal services to national and multi-national companies and clients for their commercial law matters, whether it’s related to Banking & Financial Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Trade and Investment, Environmental Law and Real Estate Law with offices in Lagos, Abuja and, Port Harcourt Nigeria.

In her commitment to strengthen her legal services delivery in Africa she joined ALN Africa.

Kofo Dosekun Chair of the Management Board, ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode on her own commented:

The African Continent is an undeniably dynamic market and a springboard for real development opportunities for many domestic and international companies. Today, we are immensely proud to be part of the ALN alliance. With this joining of forces, we bring a tailor-made legal service to our domestic and international clients with a focus on meeting the highest international standards to support and secure their operations wherever they are operating.”

 Aluko & Oyebode is motivated by a vision to complement its robust domestic practice with the capability to service clients regionally. As such, and in recognition of the value that our clients have gained as a result of the firm’s deep knowledge of Nigerian law and its breadth of international expertise, Aluko & Oyebode strengthens ALN’s regional offering by providing greater access to a broader pool of specialist teams and resources. The pursuit of excellence by both Aluko & Oyebode and ALN is captured by the expectation of delivering legal services with the highest ethical standards, and enhanced by an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit.

Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra, Chairman, ALN commented: “The addition of Aluko & Oyebode’s expertise and extensive experience into our fold means that clients can trust that we are an alliance that spans Africa and connects her to the world, that they can thrive in this evolving market and achieve their commercial objectives with ALN’s unique combination of local and international expertise, intellectual rigour, and agility on their side.”

Reginald Udom, Managing Partner, ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode commented:

 “As an alliance of integrated law firms in Africa, our people and their knowledge are critical assets in differentiating us from our competitors and in adding value to our service offering. Having Aluko & Oyebode join ALN is a major step in transforming Africa’s current legal services and a crucial turning point for the Continent. This decisive process significantly increases ALN’s influence and provides a solid foundation for the future development of our pan-African offering.


ALN is more than just an alliance of law firms. Our shared vision, ethos and expertise come together as one voice: one place with a common goal to achieve outstanding solutions for our clients no matter where they are in Africa or the World. ALN seamlessly connects the African continent. It brings its global expertise, continental reach and deep local know-how to help its clients navigate the multitude of opportunities and risks in Africa, holistically combining legal, tax, regulatory and commercial advice. ALN is dedicated to its clients’ success. ALN achieves this by providing world-class legal, tax and regulatory advice in a commercial context. ALN’s lawyers are aware of the trends and events shaping the continent, deeply networked and respected in their communities as thought leaders and opinion shapers. ALN’s lawyers have a Pan African mindset, are down to earth, pragmatic, responsive, innovative and relentlessly determined.

It’s an undeniable fact that the African Continent is an undeniably dynamic market and a springboard for real development opportunities for many domestic and international companies. As such, ALN recognises that Nigeria is the largest economy, and the most populous, not only in West Africa but across the wider Continent, accounting for 18.4% of total African GDP in 2021 – the largest share on the Continent. ALN also believe that investment into Nigeria and the wider Continent over the coming years will focus on the key sectors and opportunities that will define the Continent’s growth in the short and long term.

Rooted at a local level and doing business at an international level, we are ready to transform the way legal services are delivered in Africa; with the reach, expertise, and collaborative spirit to connect you to a network that spans Africa and beyond, and to play our part in your success.

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