Ebonyi State University Abakaliki Hosts CLASFON NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2021

Ebonyi State University Abakaliki Hosts CLASFON NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2021

Ebonyi State University Abakaliki South-Eastern Nigeria hosts the 2021 National Conference of Christian Law Students Fellowship of Nigeria(CLASFON) scheduled to hold between the 15th-19th Day of September 2021.


CLASFON amongst other things, holds an Annual National Conference (since 1991) for spiritual, academic, professional and social empowerment, with an average attendance of 500 to 1,000 delegates (from all campuses).
The conference always produces testimonies from the Word, salvation, impartation, professional empowerment and positive networking opportunities.
The Conference will be hosted by Ebonyi State University Law Faculty for the 2021Edition.


(1)Due knowledge of God’s will for your Life.

(2)Expositions to Spiritual Depths and gainful Wisdom for Growth.

(3)Development of Leadership skills
(4)Networking Opportunities
(5)Requisite approach Leadership Expertise.

(6)Nationwide publicity and Media Coverage.


CLASFON is an abbreviation used for Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria.
When used in this sense it denotes law graduates, advocates, corporate practitioners, Magistrates and Judges.

CLASFON on the other hand means Christian law students fellowship of Nigeria.
In this sense it relates to the fellowship of those under training in the University or Nigerian Law School.
CLASFON is a fellowship “SUI GENERIS”. It is not prompted by denominational cleavages: rather it is a conglomeration of all “Christians” denominations within the legal profession in Nigeria. When I say “Christian” I mean Christian in the original sense of the word viz “Christ like” or “Christ’s followers”.
The legal profession being known as the most noble profession is in dire need of noble men. Men of prudence and Unquestionable integrity. Thus CLASFON is a fellowship specially directed instilling the virtues of Christ in the lives of those who will act as ambassadors in the course of leading the world to the light of justice. In addition, the fellowship is bent on defending the course of the just, rescuing those bound under the grip of sin, ensuing that the due process of Law is maintained in righteousness and its machinery managed and greased by righteous men. Thus, considering the peculiar demands of the legal profession one cannot negate the need for a specialist fellowship for an in depth inculcation of the vision.


CLASFON officially started in 1981 when eleven persons met in Kaduna on the invitation of a young lawyer called George Ogunyomi who later became its pioneer General secretary.


The Vision of CLASFON is anchored on its aims and objectives which among other things are;
Projecting the image of Christ through the practice of the legal profession in a way that glorifies God.
Working as a mission with a firm commitment to speaking effectively about the Gospel and its impact on problems of law and society.
To practice our vocation as part of our calling from God.
To support law students who are Christians.
To provide spiritual, moral and financial support for ex-convicts who have come in contact with the saving grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
To encourage prayers for all persons concerned with the legal profession.
To diligently pursue the path of truth, justice, honour and integrity in the legal profession and the larger society.
To strive for the highest professional ethics in the practice of law.
To provide for the exchange of information and experience relating to the practical problems of the Christian Lawyer and the application of the principles of the Christian faith to the current legal and social problems through; Publication and
Organizing fellowship meetings, national and regional conferences, lectures and other suitable activities.


CLASFON has been involved with some mission works that goes interndem with its aims and objectives. The various Directorates have been involved in many events with organizations of government and NGO’s. Such activities as;
Distribution of relieve materials and Trauma counseling for the IDP’s in Abuja with the collaboration of National Emergency Agency (NEMA).
Free distribution of Bible Devotionals (In the Secret place) in Nigerian prisons annually.

CLASFON has been at the forefront of organizing workshops and Symposium for Church leaders across the country with a view to creating awareness on legal issues in the country as it affects the church/Christians
CLASFON has been representing the church/Christian community in Nigeria in the defense and protection of religious liberty.
CLASFON is involved in pro bono defence of indigent accused persons whether in prison custody or outside undergoing trial.
Prison visitation has become a regular program in CLASFON activities.
The fellowship is deeply interested in the students work and has been participating effectively in the various activities of the students both at local chapter and national level.
The reintroduction of the Quiz and annual moot court competition during the students conference.
The introduction of Directorates breakup sessions during the students’ conference.
CLASFON branches are active in the Law School fellowship activities near them as well as the universities fellowship.
In CLASFON, we believe the law is a vital arena for witness and discipling. We are committed to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and our meetings, fellowships are meant to enhance our spiritual and professional actions as well as provide a forum for encouraging one.

Announcer: Steve-orogwu Lillian Chioma, National President CLASFON, 0816 225 6550

Peter Ndubuisi Akpu is a Business Strategist, a philomath, a critical thinker and Public Affairs Analyst; studied Law differently at the Ebonyi State University and the Nigerian Law School.

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