Dr Ayodele Oni’s textbooks on Oil & Gas/Understanding Electricity Market in Nigeria: A must read!

Dr Ayodele Oni’s textbooks on Oil & Gas/Understanding Electricity Market in Nigeria: A must read!

These two books bring to fore Dr Ayodele Oni’s over 15 years of experience, advising on both big tickets and small cap deals.

The two books thoroughly avails the readers ; Investors, Business executives , lawyers etc ,practical and hands-on insights about topical issues such as deals structuring, due diligence, sub-franchising, financing models, acquisition and resolutions of energy related disputes.

Notably, discussions revolving around the Nigerian energy sector will be incomplete without putting the rich experience of the Author ; Dr. Ayodele Oni in perspective.

Finally, the books explores changes in the sector, reform in regulatory policies, whilst providing up to date templates for transactions in the sector.


Dr Ayodele Oni, a commercial lawyer, has spent the last fifteen (15) years, advising on both big ticket and smaller cap deals, in the oil and gas industry. With the oil and gas industry in Nigeria being very busy in the last two (2) decades, especially with the advent of democratic rule in the year 1999, he has played a key role in some of those transactions. He advised on the Shell Petroleum Development Company and Chevron corporation divestments, advising some of the local juniors who are now in joint venture with national oil company of Nigeria- Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (“NNPC”), under a new construct- Asset Management Teams. Ayodele also advised on the 2020 marginal fields bid round.
Additionally, he has advised (and is still advising) on a number forward sale type financing transactions led by the NNPC and has had first-hand experience advising on issues such as the World Bank Negative Pledge, federation account, waiver of sovereign immunity and the controversies surrounding same. Ayodele also routinely negotiates Gas Sale Agreements and was instrumental to the drafting of the Nigerian Gas Transportation Network Code. His experience straddles upstream, midstream and downstream transactional, legal and regulatory issues.
Furthermore, he has been involved in several due diligence exercises and written or compiled several due diligence reports. Being a transactional lawyer, he has dealt with several transactional and regulatory issues. Apart from being a transactional lawyer, Dr. Ayodele Oni teaches energy law & Policy, aspects of energy economics and regulatory capture at the Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, University of Ibadan.
Additionally, Ayodele regularly writes articles in leading business newspapers and journals. He holds a first degree, masters and PhD in law and is invited to speak on energy related issues in Nigeria and internationally. He is a die-hard fan of the football club, Manchester United and loves travelling, reading inspirational and business books, charity and chatting with his friends. He is also an avid mentee of Dr Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center.

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  • Peter Ndubuisi Akpu , January 12, 2021 @ 9:36 am

    This textbook is a big plus to the available literature in Petroleum law in Nigeria to say the least. It addresses the crux of the matters arising in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry. It is detailed and X-rays the major issues and proffers solutions & remedies to the challenges we have faced in Nigeria as a (Mono-economy).

    Understanding Electricity Markets & Transactions in Nigeria is a masterpiece that is well researched and a product of over 15 years experience of the author.

    Kudos Dr. Ayodele Oni

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