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1.     The History of the Nigerian Electric Power Sector    
2.     Legal & Regulatory Regime of the Nigerian Electric Power Sector
3.     The Nigerian Electric Power Sector Reforms
4.     The Role of New Technology in a Privatized Power Sector
5.     COVID-19 and the Nigerian Power Sector: Legal and Institutional Implications
6.     Financing Power Sector Transactions and Projects
7.     Transactional and Regulatory Issues in Power Sector Acquisitions
8.     The Role of Due Diligence in Electric Power Sector Transactions (Acquisitions, Divestments and Projects)
9.     Understanding the Multi Year Tariff Order (“MYTO”)
10. Power Projects and Environmental Protection
11. The Role of Renewable Energy in the Power Sector
12. Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating Power Sector Documentation
13.  Planning For and Managing Disputes in Power Sector Related Projects and Transactions
14. The Nigerian Electric Power Sector Investors’ Guide

What You Get

  • More than 500 pages of rich and valuable content about the electric power sector.
  • Get insights into transactional, pure legal and due diligence  related issues in the Nigerian electricity market.
  • Highlights of practical issues for electricity consumers.
  • Investors’ guide for business people who wish to explore investment opportunities in the power sector.
  • Learn about key regulatory compliance issues including environmental compliance.
  • Highlights of effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the electric power sector.


understanding petroleum (oil and gas) transactions and the nigerian market

1.     An Overview of the Nigerian Petroleum Regime
2.     Understanding Nigerian Host Government Contracts
3.     Understanding the Fiscal Toolbox in Nigerian Petroleum Contracting
4.     Transactional and Regulatory Considerations in Nigerian Petroleum Transactions
5.     Modern Funding Methods (Mechanisms for Investment Structuring) For Oil and Gas Acquisitions, Operations and Projects
6.     Key Considerations to Making Investment Decisions in Connection with Oil and Gas Projects and Transactions
7.     Local Content Framework in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry
8.     Oil and Gas Services, Refineries, The Cabotage Regime And Related Infrastructure- A Primer
9.     The Role of Due Diligence Exercises in Petroleum Transactions
10.  Understanding the Downstream Petroleum Subsector
11.  Preparing for the Future- A Primer on the Gas Network Code, Energy Transition and the PIB
12.  Planning for and Resolving Disputes in Oil and Gas Transactions and Projects.

understanding petroleum (oil and gas) transactions and the nigerian market

What You Get

  • Learn about issues in the petroleum sector such as due diligence, acquisitions, divestments and project development in both the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.
  • Highlights the theoretical legal issues which affect different stages of transactions in the petroleum industry.
  • Investors’ guide for business people who wish to explore investment opportunities in the power sector.
  • Explore practical issues which will be faced and must be addressed during each stage of these transactions.
  • Keep abreast with recent policy changes in Nigeria and their potential effects on the petroleum sector.
  • Get acquainted with creative ways to raise finance in the petroleum industry.

About the Author

The author is a commercial lawyer with expertise in energy (oil, gas and electric power) law and policy. He is also a Partner and the chair of the energy practice group at Bloomfield Law Practice. Further, he teaches law at the Center for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, University of Ibadan Nigeria. He has also been recently invited to serve as a visiting professor at the Afe Babalola University. He is married to a beautiful lady, Adetola and they have 3 children.

Dr. Ayodele Oni.

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