A spotlight on Desmond Tobechukwu Orisewezie Esq

A spotlight on Desmond Tobechukwu Orisewezie Esq

Mr Desmond is currently an Associate with Perchstone & Graeys, one of Nigeria’s leading commercial law firm where he works under the firm’s Dispute Resolution, Employment, Energy, Startups and Information Communication Technology practice groups.

As a multi-faceted legal practitioner, mediator and policy strategist, in pursuit of his areas of interest and law endeavours, Desmond holds membership and professional certifications from Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators, Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management (where he also teaches Leadership Development for HR Professionals), Institute of Certified Business Consultants and the National Institute of Information Technology.

Mr Desmond in the midst of seniors/colleagues at Perchstone and Graeys

Desmond is a well-informed public orator who speaks at numerous events, trainings and conferences. He has distinguished himself in leadership and people management having led notable organizations with testament of his achievements on the lips of wide spectrum of persons. He has etched his heart to thousands of students, youths, professionals, politicians, business people and the general public at large. He also enjoys wide followership because of his activism, engaging opinions and mentorship windows which he affords a large number of students across various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

In 2020, he was voted as the One of the Most Influential Law Graduate from Delta State University in the LSWK’s WHO’s WHO 2020 University Category. Later in the month of August, he was ranked amongst the Top 100 Most Influential Young Persons in Delta State, Nigeria for 2020.

He is a recipient of various awards and certificates of meritorious service by different organizations including the Council of Legal Education. Some of the key highlights of his leadership trajectory is enumerated below;
1. President, National Youth Service Corps, Charity Community Development Service (CDS), Ikeja II, Lagos State. 2019
2. President, Nigerian Law School Students Representative Council, Victoria Island Lagos. 2018
3. President of the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, Delta State University 2017
4. Interim President, Students Union Government, Delta State University, Oleh Campus. 2016
5. President, Law Students Association, Delta State University. 2016 Secretary General, Students Union Government, Delta State University, Oleh Campus. 2015
6. Assistant Secretary General Law Students Association, Delta State University. 2014
7 .Class Administrator, Faculty of Law Set, Delta State University.

Mr Desmond Esq and Mr Olumide Akpata Esq, President of the Nigerian Bar Association.

In a special press release from the Honourable President of the Nigerian Bar Association on the 28th of February 2021, Desmond was appointed as a Member of the National Human Rights Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Peter Ndubuisi Akpu is a Business Strategist, a philomath, a critical thinker and Public Affairs Analyst; studied Law differently at the Ebonyi State University and the Nigerian Law School.

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  • Chisom Odukwe , June 23, 2021 @ 11:51 am

    Mr Desmond .T. Oritsewezie is really a choice role model. How can one get on his mentorship platform.

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